Shoreham Rowers take World Record

Shoreham Rowers Jack Bates and Melissa Shaw rowed for 48 hours continuously, taking 2 and 4 hours shifts on the rower during the day and night. In total they completed over 450,000 metres between the two of them. Their total of 48 Hours, beats the previous record for a Tandem Under 19 continuous row, which was 36 hours, and was held by compatriots from Deal, Walmer and Kingsdown Amateur Rowing Club in Kent.

Well supported throughout their effort by club members, paying visits, joining them for (comparatively) short periods and bring food parcels, Jack and Melissa were still going strong at the end, and they proved this by going over the 48 hour mark with a sprint finish!

A huge congratulations to Jack and Melissa for their efforts and for being official World Record holders, from all at Shoreham Rowing Club.