Rowed Before? We welcome rowers and coxes with experience.

If you have recently moved to the area and want to continue rowing, Shoreham is a great option. We compete year round on the river and coast and have a growing membership of men’s and women’s squads, an excellent gym and large fleet of club boats meaning you can easily continue to enjoy this great sport.

Or perhaps you have had a break from rowing and would like to get back into it. Some of our members join following a long break for family or career having rowed at University or school. Shoreham is the perfect club to re-introduce you to rowing and support your development whether you want to row recreationally or become competitive again.

Email us at here to find out more.

We will arrange to get you down on a club night to show you the club facilities and equipment, share the local navigation and safety information and provide you with necessary forms. Weather permitting, we will get you on the water to gauge your level and work out where you will fit in.

Check out the membership rate on the Adult Rowing page.