As with warming up, stretching before a session is very important in readying your body for the stresses of intense exercise. Stretching properly after warming up and before your main training session is key to avoiding injury and improving blood flow to muscles, stopping them from tiring so quickly. Stretching is also important for mobility and prevention of soreness after exercise.

There are two types of stretching currently advised – dynamic stretching and static stretching. Static stretching is what we would all consider normal – sitting or standing and stretching the muscles which are are planning to use during our session. Dynamic stretching is as the name suggests, stretching, while keeping moving. Personally I would always encourage dynamic stretching in preference to static,mainly because it keeps the body warm and keeps the heart rate up during the stretches.

Dynamic Stretching

This video from Decent Rowing, shows dynamic stretches and a slide progression warm up – both of which are good practice and would be suitable for a a UT2 or UT1 session.


Static Stretching

This video from Decent Rowing, shows some static stretches with which you may be familiar, if not now is the time…