2015 CARA Regatta List Released

Time to get excited about coastal rowing again! CARA have released the regatta list for 2015… we’ll be making the regatta info pages on the site soon, these will give directions and locations for all the races.

This year we will be running Shoreham and Brighton and Hove Regattas again and have a date in May agreed for this… best get organising and fundrasing then… speaking of which, potential sponsors will be praised, loved and revered by our Sponsorship team which is gallantly led by George Bliss – fundraising@shorehamrowingclub.co.uk.



Saturday      11th            Viking Shield Regatta to be held at Deal   ……  (starting at 09.00hrs)



Saturday       16th           Hastings Regatta. (at Bexhill )  ( 10.30hrs start)   inc Junior Events

Sunday         17th            Bexhill  Regatta.                       ( 10.00hrs start)        inc Junior Events

Saturday       23rd           Shoreham  Regatta.                  ( 10.00hrs  start )      inc Junior Events

Sunday         24th            Brighton & Hove Regatta.       ( 10.30hrs  start)       inc Junior Events



Saturday       6th             Worthing  Regatta.                  ( 11.00hrs  start )  inc Junior Events

Sunday         7th              Worthing Town  Regatta.       ( 11.30hrs  start )  inc Junior Events

Saturday      20th            Eastbourne  Regatta.              ( 11.00hrs  start )   inc Junior Events

Saturday      27th            Dover Regatta.                         (10.30hrs  start )    inc Junior Events

Sunday         28th           Folkestone Regatta.                 ( 11.00hrs start )   inc Junior Events    




Saturday      11th            Southsea  Regatta.                    ( 10.00hrs start )  inc Junior Events

Saturday      18th           Herne Bay Regatta.                  ( 12.00hrs start ) inc Junior Events

Sunday        19th            Deal  Regatta.                            ( 10.30hrs  start )  inc Junior Events



Sunday        16th          C.A.R.A.  Regatta.  ( Bexhill )   (10.15hrs start )      inc  Junior Events

Sunday        23rd         C.A.R.A.  Row-off`s  at either  Bexhill or  Folkestone



Saturday      12th           South Coast Championships at WIMBLEBALL ( 10.00hrs start )

Sunday        13th             South Coast Junior & Small Boat Regatta at WIMBLEBALL.

Saturday      19th            C.A.R.A.  Umpires Commission Meeting  at Bexhill.

Saturday      26th             C.A.R.A.  Presentation Dinner and Dance.  (Battle)