Autumn Head Races

Autumn Long Distance Sculling Head Races

Each Autumn on the Thames and South East a number of sculling ‘Head’ races take place. These are time trials over courses varying in time from about 15 to 20 minutes.

The emphasis is on single sculling as if you are effective in a single, you are quite likely to also be in a crew boat.

We have selected a number of events that are good to row in, easy to watch and cycle along side.

You will need to be a member of British Rowing for us to enter you, so if you are not please can you join soon.

These events fill up fast (there can be 500 entries) so you will need to let us know in advance.

Maidstone is very suitable for juniors, and we will prioritise boats for juniors here. Most of the Thames events include crew sculling categories, so if your single sculling is not strong enough we will still try to get you on the water.

As a rough rule of thumb, if you can single scull independently and continuously to the lock gates and back, then you will be able to complete the course at Maidstone.

If you can scull independently, continuously and at a pressure for a lap of the river then you should be fine to enter other events in a single.

Maidstone Autumn Small Boats Head Sunday 2nd October

Burway Small Boats Head Saturday 8th October

Weybridge Silver Sculls Saturday 22nd October

Henley Sculls Head Saturday 5th November

Fours Head (Advanced) Saturday 12th November

Hampton Small Boats Head (Juniors only) Saturday 19th November

Walton Small Boats Head Saturday 10th December