Shoreham fly at Docklands Head

This weekend Shoreham took on the river clubs in London at Docklands Head, and what we originally thought would see us pitted against the river boys, instead turned out to be a coastal battle, with the main competition for Shoreham crews coming from Deal and Bexhill.

photo (2)

5 river singles on the top of the trailer…a Shoreham record?

Shoreham quite literally flew along the course along the side of London City Airport, with wins coming in (despite some malfunctioning feet) the WIM3 4+ of Sally, Gemma, Sarah P & Sarah B, WNov 4+ of Debbie, Gemma, Pigg & Sally, Men’s IM3 4+ of Mike, James T, Adam & Tom and Sarah B in the WIM3 1x.

photo (4)

WIM3 4+ ‘flying’ down the side of London City Airport…

Our WJ16 quad of Ezra, Phoebe, Beth & Isobel unfortunately had no opposition in their category but had a great race together, and we’re sure Tom and Adam in the men’s IM3 2- would have smashed it were it not for a bolt shearing off leading to the boys unexpectedly having to swap bow-stroke for the race.

Beth and Phoebe also had great races, both inexperienced racing in singles they rose to the challenge to push all the way to the finish line.

Hats off also to Charlotte Rose, who having never coxed ever before in her life, took to the water with the WIM3 4+. She looked terrified but did fabulously well…and came home with a pot! Not a bad effort for her first coxing outing.

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Shoreham WINNERS!

Thanks to Poplar, Blackwall & District Rowing Club for the fab organisation and for arranging for the wind to go away and the sun to come out for the day. Much appreciated!

Full results can be found at: