Adur Head of the River 2016



We’re pleased to provide further information for the Adur Head of the River Race 2016.

The Adur Head of the River Race is run annually on a strongly tidal section of the river. Run in two divisions either side of the top of the tide, the race is over a 3.5km course through Shoreham town centre to the rowing club located at the mouth of the River Adur. Cost £6/seat.

Closing Date Saturday 27th February 2016: All crews entered must be paid for by the closing date. Please contact Sarah McCorry, our club secretary for more info

For further information including entry details, please visit our event page by clicking here.

Junior Head Race – Saturday 12th March 2016: 

All categories in coastal boats, however entries in river boats are welcome to race for time. Recommended for A crews to increase participation and to allow more crews to race or if more than 3 boats are entered when entries close we will present a prize. Cost £4/seat for Junior Head race. Course approximately 1.5km.

Division 1 – 10.45am Division 2 – 12.15pm Division 3 – 1.45pm
Boys J16 4x+ Girls J16 4x+ J14 Mixed 4x+
Girls J14 1x and 2x Boys J14 1x and 2x J16 Mixed 4+
Girls J16 1x and 2x Boys J16 1x and 2x  J17 Mixed 4+
Girls J18 1x and 2x Boys J18 1x and 2x  J18 Mixed 4+
Head of the Adur Race – Sunday 13th March 2016:

All categories in coastal boats (unless stated), however entries in river boats are welcome to race for time. If there are 3 or more river entries in a category, prizes will be presented.

Division 1 – 1:15 pm Division 2 – 2:45 pm
Mens Senior Fours Ladies Senior Fours
Mens Junior-Senior Fours Ladies Junior Fours
Mens Junior Fours Ladies Novice Fours
Mens Novice Fours Mens Senior Pairs
Veteran 40+ Fours Mens Junior Pairs
Veteran 50 (200 year crew average) Fours Mens Senior Single Sculls
Ladies Senior Pairs Mens Junior Single Sculls
Ladies Junior Pairs Mens Novice Single Sculls

Prizes will be presented in all categories receiving 3 or more entries before the closing date. Categories/statuses receiving insufficient entries will be amalgamated where possible. If 3 or more entries are received in a category not currently available then we will provide prizes and run the event.

Safety Course in pictures

Refreshments, presentation of prizes and changing facilities at Shoreham Rowing Club.


Entry Details

Entrance Fee £6.00 per seat. Account: 31773483 / Sort Code: 09-01-54 or cheques made payable to ‘Shoreham Rowing Club’

Entries to: Sarah McCorry, 11 Larke Close, Shoreham by Sea, BN43 6ED

Mobile: 07872149076       Email: