The 58th annual South coastal Rowing Championships 2014 took place on the 13th of September 2014 in the beautiful Jurassic coast setting of Swanage. Results for the regatta can be seen below.

Boat TypeMen’s  Ladies MixedEvent Type/ Status (Coastal)TrophyTotal Event EntriesWinning Club2nd3rdBow to Stroke
South Coast Champioship Events
C4+Men’sSeniorThe Bideford Bowl6BexhillBTCItchen ImperialM Mitchell, D Holdaway, M Hellier, K Cahill & R Holdaway (Cox)
C4+Men’sJunior SeniorThe Dandridge Cup5Herne BayLymingtonRydeG Holness, T Walton, L Towner, W Campbell & D Wareham (Cox)
C4+Men’sJuniorThe Dudley Ward Cup6DealShanklinPooleM Handley, O Mullaney, R Mullaney, L Mullaney & J Dodrill (Cox)
C4+LadiesSeniorThe Anglia Building Society5BexhillItchen ImperialCoalportersR Holdaway, K Skelton, M Hill, E Young & L Quinn(Cox)
C4+LadiesJuniorThe Dartington Crystal Vase5ItchenBTCShorehamP Emery, M Paul, B Jones, L Townly & S Moore (Cox)
C4+Men’sMastersThe Denis Woodford Cup5PooleFolkestoneHastingsM Sewell, R Wilson, R Murphy, P Jacobs & F Hill (Cox)
AggregateEileen & Eric Crow Memorial Challenge CupHants & Dorset (29)CARA (25)
Open & Invitation Events
C4+Men’sSeniorThe Charles Matthews Memorial Cup8RydeLymingtonCoalportersB Ade, M Jenner, N Pike, S Cocker & S Brading (Cox)
C4+Men’sJunior SeniorThe Clarice and Dennis Crunden Cup4BexhillWestoverSouthseaP McCorry, W Knapp, J Green, J Page & R Holdaway (Cox)
C4+Men’sJuniorThe Ginger Le Breton Cup20Christchurch BShanklinDealM Van De Heijden, T Mahy, M Tamlyn, R Quinn & S Erwin (Cox)
C4+Men’sNoviceThe William McCloughlin Memorial Cup16Itchen Imperial BHerne BayItchen Imperial AJ Mellor, H McCulloch, J Mould, T Blake & TBA (Cox)
C4+LadiesSeniorThe Harold Percy Cup6RydeCoalportersSouthamptonJ Cocker, S Kissack, L Maidment, M Dunn & M Brading (Cox)
C4+LadiesJuniorThe Mayor and Mayoress of Bideford Cup19Itchen Imperial AItchen Imperial BBTCB Edwards, M Hart, A Jenden, A Evans & TBA (Cox)
C4+LadiesNoviceThe Exeter Fund Managers Trophy14Shanklin ADealSouthamptonJ Wrixon, H Cusworth, A De Landro, R Nigh & J Wain (Cox)
C4+Men’sMasters A (40)The Sidney De Hann Cup6Itchen ImperialBTCLymingtonS Taylor, R Benham, E Williams, I Barnaby & K O’Rourke (Cox)
C4+Men’sMasters B (50)The CARA Presidents Cup4LymingtonBexhillHerne BayT Woolford, B Goodhall, A Taylor, T Bull & L Bull (cox)
C4+LadiesMastersBTCChristchurchSouthamptonJ Wilson, K Hume, E Nicholls, L Mould & S Maxwell (Cox)
AggregateThe Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta Sesquicentennial TrophyItchen Imperial (19)Ryde (10)BTC (9) Lymington (9)
Junior Regatta Events
C4x+Boy’sJ16The Hilary Bastone CupShanklin ADealBTCJ Robertson, M Miselbach, H Hopper, H Miselbach & TBA (Cox)
C4x+Girl’sJ16The Debbie Hamilton CupBideford ARCWorthingBexhillH Vincent, J Cox, L Willis, A Jones & TBA (Cox)
C4x+Boy’sJ14The Brighton Rowing Club CupNewportItchen imperialChristchurchH Bolton, J Edwards, O Bennett, W Edwards & A Bennett (Cox)
C4x+Girl’sJ14The John White Memorial SalverChristchurchItchen ImperialS Dodsworth, K Browning, E Cheetam, L Berridge & TBA (Cox)
AggregateThe Pat Sherwin Memorial TrophyChristchurch (6)