Shoreham Rowing Club took to the road again this weekend and headed to Kent this year for the forth  regatta of the 2013 CARA league. The weather for Herne Bay Regatta was no exception to the recent trend and thus, after a week of windless sunny evenings, the wind picked up and blew a gale all day. Fortunately the sheltered location and southerly wind meant that conditions at the start of the day were surprisingly calm on the water. As the tide came in later in the day it brought with it choppy side-on waves and tough conditions for the small boats.

Shoreham’s ladies once again performed strongly – bringing home the Ladies Aggregate cup, winning the Senior Fours, Senior Pairs and Junior Fours. The senior ladies were pushed hard in the four by Bexhill but showed their mettle and found another gear to take victory by over a length. Sarah and Sally then took off in their pair and claimed the biggest victory of the day by a margin of well over 10 lengths. The ladies Junior four shrugged off a delay to their race (caused by a Deal four capsizing out in lane 12 after losing grip of a blade and struggling to avoid a post) and rowed well to claim their victory.

The Mens squad were on form as well taking  a win Novice sculls and and two second places in Junior Pairs and Vet50+ fours. A re-row in the Men’s Novice Sculls worked in Shoreham’s favour as the quickly receding tide allowed the water to settle and conditions to improve. Tom took full advantage and stormed home to an easy victory by over 4 lengths.


 Regatta Results

 Herne Bay Regatta 2013
Event Winners 2nd 3rd 4th
MENS  SENIOR  FOURS ; Bexhill Herne Bay Bexhill Bexhill
MENS  J/SENIOR  FOURS ; Eastbourne Dover Bexhill Herne Bay
MENS  JUNIOR  FOURS ; Herne Bay Herne Bay Herne Bay Bexhill
MENS  NOVICE  FOURS ; Herne Bay Herne Bay Deal Bexhill
VETERAN  40+ FOURS ; Bexhill A Herne Bay Dover Shoreham
VETERAN 50+ FOURS ; Bexhill Shoreham Herne Bay Dover
LADIES  SENIOR  FOURS ; Shoreham Bexhill Worthing Worthing
LADIES  JUNIOR  FOURS ; Shoreham Bexhill Worthing Shoreham
LADIES  NOVICE  FOURS ; Dover Shoreham Dover Worthing
MENS  SENIOR  PAIRS ; Bexhill Deal Shoreham Bexhill
LADIES  SENIOR  PAIRS ; Shoreham Worthing Bexhill Shoreham
MENS  JUNIOR  PAIRS ; Herne Bay Shoreham Bexhill Herne Bay
LADIES JUNIOR PAIRS ; Bexhill Shoreham Herne Bay Eastbourne
MENS  SENIOR  SCULLS ; Bexhill Herne Bay Bexhill Shoreham
MENS  JUNIOR  SCULLS ; Deal Bexhill Herne Bay Dover
MENS  NOVICE  SCULLS ; Shoreham Herne Bay Deal Shoreham
MENS  U/16  QUAD SCULL: Herne Bay Bexhill Eastbourne

See the league tables here:


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Download the official results here:

Quad Sculls Championship Tables