Regatta Report:

We are off again! The 2014 CARA League season is upon us again and the first up was the Bexhill rowing club hosted, Hastings Regatta 2014. Bexhill did a fantastic job and we send our thanks to them for supporting Hastings who are having a tough time with no functioning club house at the moment. Despite Hastings’ problems their regatta went off on time and without a problem and in good company with representation from all CARA clubs.  It was great to also see Hastings  fielding rowers and as it happened, winning races! The day was glorious weather-wise, probably the best of the whole year so far, and with temperatures hitting 20 degrees and no wind to speak of coastal conditions were excellent for rowing.

The day did not go according to the script of the last few years and Bexhil, who usually dominate proceedings, picked up only 2 wins in the day. Shoreham on the other hand, had a fantastic event winning 6 races in total and 4 status event wins  (ladies Junior four failed to draw enough entries to be classed as status, and the J14 mixed quad is also not a status event). These results included a 1st and 2nd in the Ladies Junior Pairs, 1st in Ladies Junior Fours, 1st in Ladies Senior Pairs, 1st in Mens Junior Sculls, 1st in Ladies Double Sculls 2nd in Ladies Senior Fours, 2nd in Mens Novice Sculls and 2nd in Mens Junior Pairs. We even took home the Grand Aggregate! The first time in at least 5 years we have won this, and the first time in 3 years that Bexhill haven’t won it at any regatta. Excellent work Shoreham!

Regatta Results 

MENS  SENIOR  FOURSDeal ABexhill AFolkestoneEastbourne
MENS  J/SENIOR  FOURSHerne BayBexhillBexhillHerne Bay
MENS  JUNIOR  FOURSDealWorthingFolkestoneDeal
MENS  NOVICE  FOURSDealBexhill BWorthingHerne Bay
VETERAN  40+ FOURSHastingsBexhill ?Herne Bay ?Bexhill ?
VETERAN 50+ FOURSShorehamBexhillDeal/HastingsBexhill
LADIES  SENIOR  FOURSWorthingShorehamBexhillShoreham
LADIES  NOVICE  FOURSDealWorthingDoverDover
MENS  SENIOR  PAIRSBexhillBexhillDealDeal
LADIES  SENIOR  PAIRSShorehamBexhillWorthingDover
MENS  JUNIOR  PAIRSDealShorehamDealFolkestone
LADIES JUNIOR PAIRSShoreham AShoreham BDealBexhill
MENS  SENIOR  SCULLSBexhillDealHerne BayFolkestone
MENS  JUNIOR  SCULLSShorehamEastbourneDealBexhill
MENS  NOVICE  SCULLSHerne BayShorehamEastbourneDover
LADIES DOUBLE SCULLSShorehamDoverBexhillFolkestone/Worthing
MENS  U/16  QUAD SCULLHerne BayWorthingShorehamBexhill
LADIES U/16 QUAD SCULLHerne BayBexhillHerne BayWorthing
MIXED U/14 QUAD SCULLShorehamBexhill
COXSWAIN  OF  THE  DAYToby GolledgeBexhill