Full Results: Head RACE 2016 FINAL

Results Table:

Division 1

Start NumberStart TimeFinish TimeTimeClubEvent
213:16:3013:30:1200:13:42DealMens Senior 4+
113:15:5513:29:5500:14:00BexhillMens Senior 4+
313:16:5313:32:4200:15:49FolkestoneMens Senior 4+
413:17:2913:32:0500:14:36DealJunior-Senior 4+
513:17:5613:34:2700:16:31BTCVet 40+
813:20:1613:37:1000:16:54EastbourneVet 40+
613:18:5213:36:0500:17:13BexhillVet 40+
913:20:4613:38:1000:17:24ShorehamVet 40+
713:19:3613:37:4300:18:07FolkestoneVet 40+
1013:21:2513:36:2300:14:58DealMens Junior 4+
1113:21:5613:37:1200:15:16ShorehamMens Junior 4+
1213:22:1913:37:4600:15:27SouthseaMens Junior 4+
1413:23:3113:39:4900:16:18DoverMens Junior 4+
1513:24:0613:41:2700:17:21EastbourneMens Junior 4+
1313:22:5313:40:4300:17:50WorthingMens Junior 4+
2113:28:0913:44:2300:16:14BexhillMens Novice 4+
1613:24:3313:40:4800:16:15BTCMens Novice 4+
2213:29:1113:45:5000:16:39Shoreham AMens Novice 4+
1913:26:4113:43:3800:16:57DealMens Novice 4+
2013:27:2213:44:5900:17:37EastbourneMens Novice 4+
1813:25:5913:43:4900:17:50WorthingMens Novice 4+
1713:25:1613:43:2400:18:08FolkestoneMens Novice 4+
2813:32:0313:51:5600:19:53ChichesterLadies Senior 2-
2500:00:0000:00:0000:00:00WorthingLadies Senior 2-
2613:30:5713:51:4800:20:51DealLadies Senior 2-
2413:30:0213:47:4700:17:45Shoreham ALadies Senior 2-
2713:31:3313:50:0100:18:28Shoreham BLadies Senior 2-
3113:33:1013:51:3200:18:22ShorehamLadies Junior 2-
3213:33:4113:52:5400:19:13SouthseaLadies Junior 2-
3013:32:5513:53:0300:20:08BTCLadies Junior 2-
2913:32:3213:54:1400:21:42DealLadies Junior 2-

Division 2

Start NumberStart TimeFinish TimeTimeClubEvent
3700:02:0800:15:2200:13:14BexhillMens Senior River Scull
3800:02:1800:17:2300:15:05ShorehamMens Senior River Scull
3900:02:5700:16:4500:13:48DealMens Senior 2-
4000:03:1400:17:2800:14:14BexhillMens Senior 2-
4100:03:3600:17:5600:14:20Folkestone AMens Senior 2-
4200:03:5200:18:3800:14:46Folkestone BMens Senior 2-
4300:04:0900:23:3800:19:29HastingsMens Senior 2-
4500:06:1100:19:3800:13:27DealMens Senior Scull
4400:05:3000:19:1300:13:43Shoreham – FaithMens Senior Scull
4700:06:3100:23:1000:16:39Shoreham – BarryMens Senior Scull
4800:06:4800:20:5700:14:09BTC – RatcliffeMens Junior Scull
5400:08:5000:23:0600:14:16Dover – HallMens Junior Scull
4900:07:0900:21:2900:14:20Deal  AMens Junior Scull
5300:08:3000:22:5200:14:22Bexhill – AndersonMens Junior Scull
5500:09:1600:23:4400:14:28Bexhill – RennerMens Junior Scull
5100:07:4700:22:2600:14:39Dover – PriceMens Junior Scull
5000:07:2800:22:2100:14:53Bexhill – McCorry PMens Junior Scull
5200:08:0700:23:0900:15:02Deal BMens Junior Scull
5600:09:3600:24:4000:15:04Bexhill – McCorry NMens Junior Scull
5700:10:5600:25:1800:14:22ShorehamLadies Senior 4+
5900:12:0800:26:5100:14:43BexhillLadies Senior 4+
6000:12:3500:27:1800:14:43SouthseaLadies Senior 4+
6100:13:0400:29:4300:16:39DealLadies Senior 4+
5800:11:4700:29:3100:17:44WorthingLadies Senior 4+
6200:13:5300:27:3100:13:38ShorehamMen’s Junior 2-
6600:16:0400:29:5000:13:46SouthseaMen’s Junior 2-
6300:14:1500:29:0500:14:50DealMen’s Junior 2-
6700:16:3200:32:4400:16:12Eastbourne BMen’s Junior 2-
6400:14:5000:31:0400:16:14Eastbourne AMen’s Junior 2-
6500:15:3000:32:4600:17:16ShorehamMen’s Junior 2-
7000:17:5600:32:4600:14:50BexhillLadies Junior 4+
6900:17:3000:32:2100:14:51ShorehamLadies Junior 4+
7200:18:5300:34:2600:15:33EastbourneLadies Junior 4+
7100:18:3000:34:1700:15:47DoverLadies Junior 4+
7600:20:4700:36:2200:15:35SouthseaLadies Novice 4+
7500:20:2600:36:0500:15:39FolkestoneLadies Novice 4+
7800:21:4200:38:0900:16:27Shoreham  ALadies Novice 4+
7300:19:2100:36:3200:17:11DealLadies Novice 4+
7900:22:2000:39:3800:17:18Dover BLadies Novice 4+
7700:21:1500:39:0100:17:46Dover ALadies Novice 4+
7400:19:5200:38:3800:18:46ChichesterLadies Novice 4+
8400:23:5000:39:2000:15:30BTC – MaxwellMens Novice Scull
8200:23:3100:39:2000:15:49Bexhill – GreenMens Novice Scull
8500:24:0000:40:3000:16:30Bexhill – BakerMens Novice Scull
8000:23:0700:40:4800:17:41BTC – BinstedMens Novice Scull
8600:24:1900:41:2700:17:08WorthingLadies Novice Scull

The Adur Head of the River Race is run annually on a strongly tidal section of the river. Run in two divisions either side of the top of the tide, the race is over a 3.5km course through Shoreham town centre to the rowing club located at the mouth of the River Adur. Cost £6/seat.

Closing Date Saturday 27th February 2016: All crews entered must be paid for by the closing date.

Please contact Sarah McCorry , our club secretary for more info sarahmccorry@outlook.com

Head of the Adur Race – Sunday 13th March 2016:

All categories in coastal boats (unless stated), however entries in river boats are welcome to race for time. If there are 3 or more river entries in a category, prizes will be presented.

Division 1 – 1:15 pmDivision 2 – 2:45 pm
Mens Senior FoursLadies Senior Fours
Mens Junior-Senior FoursLadies Junior Fours
Mens Junior FoursLadies Novice Fours
Mens Novice FoursMens Senior Pairs
Veteran 40+ FoursMens Junior Pairs
Veteran 50 (200 year crew average) FoursMens Senior Single Sculls
Ladies Senior PairsMens Junior Single Sculls
Ladies Junior PairsMens Novice Single Sculls
Junior Adur Head Race – Saturday 12th March 2016:

All categories in coastal boats, however entries in river boats are welcome to race for time. Recommended for A crews to increase participation and to allow more crews to race or if more than 3 boats are entered when entries close we will present a prize. Cost £4/seat for Junior Head race. Course approximately 1.5km.

Division 1 – 10.45amDivision 2 – 12.15pmDivision 3 – 1.45pm
Boys J16 4x+Girls J16 4x+J14 Mixed 4x+
Girls J14 1x and 2xBoys J14 1x and 2xJ16 Mixed 4+
Girls J16 1x and 2xBoys J16 1x and 2x J17 Mixed 4+
Girls J18 1x and 2xBoys J18 1x and 2x J18 Mixed 4+

Prizes will be presented in all categories receiving 3 or more entries before the closing date. Categories/statuses receiving insufficient entries will be amalgamated where possible. If 3 or more entries are received in a category not currently available then we will provide prizes and run the event.

Safety Course in pictures

Refreshments, presentation of prizes and changing facilities at Shoreham Rowing Club.