Shoreham Rowing Club continue 2016 success in Brighton

Hove seafront was the setting for an exciting day of racing as crews from across Kent and Sussex descended on the city for Brighton & Hove Coastal Rowing Regatta.

With Brighton and Hove Rowing Club closing in 1994, the historic event is now organised by nearby Shoreham Rowing Club which counts a number of Brighton & Hove residents among its members. The regatta was the fifth event in the 2016 Coast Amateur Rowing Association racing season, contested by clubs along the Sussex and Kent coast from Southsea to Herne Bay.

Although the sun was shining and sea conditions were calm, the stiff northerly wind made racing challenging, with crews struggling to keep their boats tucked into the more-sheltered waters near the beach, and to line up on the start.

It was the home club Shoreham which took home the lion’s share of the day’s wins – an impressive 10 in total as the club extends its dominance in the Coast Amateur Rowing Association Grand Aggregate, awarded to the club with the most wins across the 13-regatta season.

Once again Shoreham’s ladies crews performed extremely well, dominating the women’s events throughout the day and winning every ladies’ status race – winning the ladies novice fours, taking first and second in the ladies under-16 quad sculls, first and third in the ladies junior fours, first and second in the ladies senior fours, first and second in the ladies senior pairs, first in the ladies junior pairs and first, second and third in the ladies double sculls.

The club’s men’s squad also continued their return to form. A convincing victory for Shoreham’s men’s junior four of James Tilley, Max Huxtable, Cian Kennedy and James Mouland coxed by Sally Hills edges them ahead of Deal in the 2016 CARA junior fours championship and the club’s Novice Four of Alex Apps, Matt Randall, Alfie Scott and Eamonn Wilkinson coxed by Max Huxtable won their second race of the weekend to progress up to the higher Junior status in coming regattas.

The club also took home the Ladies Aggregate and the coveted regatta Grand Aggregate trophies at the end of the day, and saw young member Isobel Tugwell named the regatta ‘Cox of the Day’ for steering a fantastic course in two of her races.

In other events one of the most exciting races of the day was the men’s senior single sculls, where a full-on sprint for the line saw Bexhill and Deal neck and neck, with Bexhill the eventual winner by just a couple of inches.

Shoreham Rowing Club’s vice-captain Sarah Faith says “We’d like to extend our thanks to our main regatta sponsor Marval Marine Services, our other sponsors and all the volunteers who gave up their time this weekend and without whom it is not possible to run the event.

“For Shoreham, this weekend has been one of our most successful in recent history – the well-deserved result of months of hard training, and a fantastic club spirit which is buoying up all of our crews, at all levels.

“We’re excited to see where this season will take us”.

Results from the day can be seen below:

Event Distance 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Time
Men’s Novice Sculls 2 Lengths De Bx De Dv HB Bx 7.58
Men’s Junior Sculls 2 Lengths Bx De Bx Bx Dv Sm 7.50
Men’s Senior Sculls 1/4Cvns Bx De Sm Bx Dv HB 7.50
Ladies Double Sculls Easy Sm Sm Sm HB Bx Dv 8.18
Ladies Junior Pairs Easy Sm Bx So De Bx 8.33
Men’s Junior Pairs 3 Lengths Bx So De De Sm Dv
Ladies Senior Pairs 2 Lengths Sm Sm De W Dv W 8.02
Men’s Senior Pairs 3 Lengths Bx F De De HB Bx 6.56
Ladies Novice Fours 1 Length Sm De HB Dv Sm W 8.49
Ladies Junior Fours 3 Lengths Sm Bx Sm Dv De 7.45
Ladies Senior Fours Easy Sm Sm De Sm W Bx 7.55
Men’s Novice Fours Easy Sm W Bx Dv Bx 7.46
Men’s Junior Fours Easy Sm De So Bx Sm HB 7.13
Men’s J/S Fours Easy De De HB Bx De 7.03
Veteran 40+ Fours Easy Bx Bx E Sm De 7.10
Veteran 50+ Fours 2 Lengths Bx Sm 8.04
Men’s Senior Fours 2 Lengths De Bx HB De De Sm 6.39
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Shoreham Rowing Club take impressive 11 wins at home regatta

An outstanding performance from crews at all levels saw the home club take home an impressive 11 wins at Shoreham Regatta on Saturday (28th May), as well as the Grand Aggregate trophy, awarded for points accrued from 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes.

Once again, Shoreham’s ladies crews were on top form, with wins coming from the ladies under-16 quad sculls, ladies junior fours, ladies junior pairs, ladies senior fours, ladies senior pairs and an impressive 1-2 in the ladies double sculls. Mostly unbeaten in the first five regattas of the thirteen this season, Shoreham’s women’s crews are looking extremely strong and are favourites to take home each of the women’s championships.

The club’s men’s squads also performed exceptionally well with the men’s junior four of James Tilley, Cian Kennedy, Max Huxtable and James Mouland pushing ahead of Deal to claim another win and tie their race for the championship at 2 all.  Huxtable and Mouland also secured a comfortable win in the men’s junior pairs before Mouland then took his second win of the season in the men’s novice scull.

The regatta also saw Shoreham’s Novice Men’s four of Alex Apps, Alfie Scott, Matt Randall and Eamonn Wilkinson coxed by Max Huxtable win their first ever race in a close contest with a crew from Dover. The young four rowed extremely well, maintaining their composure under pressure to take the win by half a length.

Shoreham’s Garry Saunders then finished off the day with a win in the Vet 40+ single sculls in the afternoon’s bumpy sea conditions.

Shoreham Rowing Club’s vice-captain Sarah Faith says “This was an outstanding performance at our home regatta and well deserved. Our winning crews have shown commitment to their training over the past months and it is great to see them now realising their potential.

“It is exciting to see the club rising to the top in coastal rowing in Kent and Sussex and we are excited to be in with a very real chance to take home the overall Coast Amateur Rowing Association Grand Aggregate at the end of the year.

“The regatta is only possible with the generous help of our volunteers and sponsors, including our main sponsor Shoreham Port, to whom we extend our heartfelt thanks.”

The day’s results saw Shoreham take home the regatta Ladies Aggregate, Junior Aggregate and Grand Aggregate trophies, and sees the club stretch its lead in the CARA Grand Aggregate, awarded to the club which wins the most races over the course of the 13-regatta season.

Results from the day can be seen below:

Event Distance 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Time
Men’s Novice Sculls Canvas Sm Bx Bx HB Dv De 9.24
Men’s Junior Sculls Easy Bx De Dv HB Dv De 8.15
Men’s Senior Sculls Bx De Sm HB Bx Dv
Ladies Double Sculls Easy Sm Sm HB Bx W Dv
Ladies Junior Pairs Easy Sm Bx De Bx De
Men’s Junior Pairs 2L Sm De De Bx HB Bx 8.38
Ladies Senior Pairs Easy Sm De Sm Sm Dv De 8.49
Men’s Senior Pairs Easy Bx F De Bx Bx HB 8.16
Ladies Novice Fours De HB Dv Sm W Sm
Ladies Junior Fours Easy Sm Bx Sm De HB 8.49
Ladies Senior Fours Sm De Sm W Bx 8.45
Men’s Novice Fours 1/2 L Sm Dv W Bx Sm E
Men’s Junior Fours 1 L Sm Bx De De Bx HB 7.38
Men’s J/S Fours De De HB Bx Bx De
Veteran 40+ Fours 2 L Bx Bx HB Sm De Sm 8.00
Veteran 50+ Fours Easy Bx HB Sm De
Men’s Senior Fours 1 L Bx De HB Bx De Sm 7.40
Regattas 2016

Shoreham Rowing Club make winning start to 2016 season

In the first two events of the Kent & Sussex coastal rowing calendar (  – for more info), Shoreham Rowing Club have thrown down the gauntlet to their opposition, winning more races than any of the other 11 clubs competing at Worthing and Worthing Town Regattas last weekend.

The first races of the season are always nervy affairs, as crews test how well their winter training programmes have prepared them for competition. For Shoreham, a sense of excitement has been building, with a number of potentially strong crews looking to challenge for championship titles this year, so it was with some trepidation, but with great hope for success that the club travelled to Worthing on Saturday and Sunday.  However, nerves were not required as Shoreham’s rowers lived up to the expectation of their club, coaches and supporters alike.

Taking a total of 11 wins over the two regattas (more than any other club) it was an almost faultless start for Shoreham and once again it was the ladies squads who really stole the show. The most impressive victories came from rising stars Beth Buchanan, Phoebe Mercer, Amelia Balthazor and Delphi Coombes-Cowell (coxed by Sally Hills) in the Ladies Junior Four, who won by such a margin on both days that the second place crew could barely be seen as they crossed the finish line. Mercer and Buchanan then went on to take a well-deserved, and easy victory in the Ladies Junior Pair on the Sunday. Mercer and Coombes-Cowell were also joined by Verity Millar-Sarahs and Portia Smith to take a convincing victory in the under-16 Quad Sculls event on both days and look like they stand a good chance to retain Shoreham’s title in this event for a second year running. The Senior Ladies squad of Sarah Faith, Gemma Stoner, Charlotte Pigg, Roxanne Addison and Sally Hills were also on top form, continuing their winning streak over the last three years by winning all four of their races over the weekend, in the four and pairs. Ezra Hulme and Sarah Faith then joined forces to take a win in the Ladies Double Sculls on the Saturday, while Mercer & Buchanan took the win on the Sunday, with Hulme and Faith in an easy second place over the rest of the field.

While Shoreham’s wins over previous years have been dominated by the womens squads, Shoreham’s men are now on the rise with a strong mens Junior Four of James Tilley, Cian Kennedy, Max Huxtable and James Mouland, coxed by Sally Hills taking victory over Deal on Saturday and Mouland on his own taking a very impressive win in the rough in the Novice Single Sculls event on Sunday. The under-16 boys almost added to the winning haul, but instead added only drama as they capsized their quad within 20metres of the finish line whilst leading their race.

The fantastic results see Shoreham currently ahead in the race for the Coast Amateur Rowing Association Grand Aggregate trophy (awarded to the club which wins the most races over a season) – but it will be a hard-fought battle over the coming regattas with strong competition from Bexhill Rowing Club and Deal, Walmer & Kingsdown Rowing Club.

The next events to look forward to are Bexhill and Hastings Regatta weekend on the 21st and 22nd May in Bexhill and subsequently, and most excitingly Shoreham’s home regattas at Beach Green, Shoreham on 28th May and in Hove on Sunday 29th  – supporters are encouraged to join the fun on the beach, where they’ll be able to grab some food and drink whilst helping their local club and hopefully enjoy some sunshine.